Shampoo bar & conditioner bar set with Travel container and wooden soap holder


  • BENEFITS AROUND: You’ll feel great about using our eco-friendly bars. But don’t just use them for the earth, use them because of the way your hair will look and feel – soft, shiny, sensational. Our bars are concentrated, so they last longer and prove more cost effective than bottles of shampoo. Great for all hair types. Make the switch!
  • SUPERIOR CLEAN, LUSH, SHINY HAIR: Perfect for everyday use. Deeply cleanses and moisturizes without detergents or harsh chemicals. Only quality ingredients to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful. Excellent for men, women and children.
  • INCREDIBLE INGREDIENTS: Packed with fine ingredients. Essential oils like Lavender and Roman Chamomile to nourish and cleanse. Our bars help eliminate reduce dandruff and rejuvenate lackluster hair strands. Natural ingredients heal split end. No harmful or animal laden additives.
  • ZERO WASTE: Once the bar is used, all that remains is the biodegradable soap wrapper. Absolutely no waste unlike plastic bottles. Great for the environment. Superior for your hair.
  • UNIQUE BONUS INCLUDED: Unlike others, we include a conditioning bar, 2 storage and travel tins, and a double wooden soap holder. Tins are perfect for traveling and drying bars until the next use. Storage promotes cleanliness in the bathroom and travel convenience.

Beauty Without Sacrifice


All predominantly natural soap bars – like MizTag – are gaining momentum with today’s environmentally conscious individuals. All around the world, people are doing their part for the health and safety of our planet. Best of all, you can go green without sacrificing the quality of your haircare. Our zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars deeply clean and moisturizes your hair without detergents or harsh chemicals. All you’re left with is soft, shiny, beautiful hair while the environment is left with nothing.

all natural shampoo bar

100% Zero Waste

all natural shampoo bar

Once our bars are used, all that remains is the biodegradable soap wrapper. Not bringing products with excessive packaging into your home is a great first step towards living a No waste lifestyle. Our formula is concentrated, so our bars last longer than a bottle of shampoo, benefiting your budget as well. Your purchase will make a difference, and set you on a path to cleaner Zero waste living.

Weight 0.204117 kg
Dimensions 7.13 × 4.8 × 6.1976 cm


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